I was born in costa rica but dont have Costa rican passport?

My dad is American citizen, my mom is Colombian-American (completey american before meeting my dad) I was born in Costa Rica in 2004 yet I only have an American Passport.I asked my parents if I have a Costa Rican passport and they said I only have a birth certificate. Am I a Costa Rican citizen? Does a birth certificate count as a citizenship id or something for Costa Rica? Why dont I have a Costa Rican passport?


*Im sorry, my mom was completely COLOMBIAN before meeting my american dad

Update 2:

*Also should I have a Colombian passport because my mom is Colombian?

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  • 1 year ago
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    You might be entitled to become a dual Colombian citizen due your mother being a citizen. There is information on the link how to apply for a passport.


    You could also get a Costa Rican passport due to being born there.


    I doubt you could get both passports if you also have an American one. It might be worth finding out which one is more useful to you.

    As an example, I could get an Irish passport due to descent. If the UK does go through Brexit, an Irish passport may enable me to travel and work in Europe if I wish, whereas my UK passport may not.

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    You need to go to a Costa Rican consulate and apply for a passport. I don't know if a birth certificate is enough to get you citizenship- not every country works that way. Same thing for Colombia- go to a consulate.

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    You don't get a passport from anywhere unless you apply for one. They don't just hand them out at birth. Once you are old enough to have your own passport, you apply for one if you think you qualify for one, and renew it as necessary. No one can say if you should have a passport for a country you're a citizen of. That's up to you to decide if you want to get one or not. I also begin to suspect that you don't know what a passport is.

    I answered your previous question about this. I did some googling on your behalf. You clearly haven't bothered to do your own googling. We have no idea where you are considered a citizen. Do your own work to find out. All you need is access to the internet, which you have, a little time, and the ability to comprehend what you read.

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    1 year ago

    Do you know what a passport is? Does not sound like that is what you are talking about, sounds more like you are talking about a birth certificate.. You do not get a passport automatically, you have to apply for them. If you have a America passport then that is all you need.

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