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Will you always get pregnant if you have sex each day of your fertile window+the day you ovulate? if not, what factors mean that you don’t?


In this scenario, I’m 22 years old, non-smoker and I am a healthy weight...

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    No. The human body is not a machine and can be very unpredictable. For instance, the fertility window is always just an estimate. Many couples have tried for years using this method ware still were unable to conceive. However, a fertility doctor won't even treat you unless you have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year, because it often takes that long. Some possibilities:

    * Too much stress (like worrying too much about pregnancy) can put your body into survival mode, making it difficult to conceive. This nature's way of keeping babies from having unhealthy mothers.

    * Low body fat from extreme exercise or weight loss can also make it difficult to get pregnant.

    * Some women have a medical condition that prevents pregnancy.

    * Low hormones in either or both partners is a common cause of infertility and can be easily treated.

    * Just plain bad luck. We don't know everything yet about our bodies.

    And there are always the "miracle" exceptions. A news story came out this week about a mother of three with a family history of ovarian cancer who had her fallopian tubes removed. She conceived anyway, and had a healthy baby.

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    No, you don't get pregnant like that. The chance of getting pregnant in any particular month is about 25%. In a year, it's over 90%. So if you're having unprotected sex, think about pregnancy that happens in the next 12 months, not this month.

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    No. Definitely not.

    Some factors that mean you don't:

    Sperm fail to fertilize the egg during the limited amount of time the egg has.

    Egg is fertilized, but implantion isn't successful, therefore no pregnancy.

    Low sperm count.

    Fallopian tubes blocked.

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    No. Even couples trying to get pregnant and having frequent unprotected sex only have maybe a 25% chance of getting pregnant in any month.

    It's not the automatic "get off birth control and bang, you're pregnant the next month"

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      neither one will fertilize it. THEN assuming the egg is fertilized, there is still the long journey down the tube for the egg, and it has to make to to the uterus and implant BEFORE hormone levels from the ovary drop and trigger period. For ALL that to happen is a whole lot of lucky ...

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