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How do I transfer windows 10 to a different hard drive on the same computer?

I have windows 10 installed on a 256 gb drive... I know not the best idea. Well it's out of space now and rather than having a bunch of different drives to keep track of, I would much rather just have one. I bought a new 2 tb SSD and am wondering how to get Windows 10 onto it. If the only way is to buy another copy of windows that's ok, but how do I get the computer know that I want it to use that hard drive? I can disconnect the other one but I don't think the computer will know where to look. have tried using PCMover and EaseUS, and I have all my documents on the other drive, just not Windows itself. I can clarify information if you need me to, thanks!

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    You could do a reinstall of windows 10 make a usb installer with the media creation tool at https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/ change the boot drive in the bios to the other drive.

    You could try a drive imager to clone the old drive to the new one, I had it work once (failed two other times) The only thing I had to do afterwards was expand the storage in drive management as it cloned it to the same size as the old drive.

    You could leave windows where it is and put other things on the other drive.

    Steam/Gog etc will let you specify where to install games to, steam also lets you move them to other drives.

    You can move your documents/music folders etc. under folder properties for the system folders choose location. I just change the drive letter and a[pply and it asks if you want to move the files.

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      Thanks. I had some trouble but ended up installing via the media creation tool, which I wasn't aware existed. I don't think cloning would have worked because I would have had to clone the drive while running Windows on it.

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    If your Windows is perfect, up to date, and things work like they should: CLONE.

    Use a good cloning software (like Acronis, or other name recognized cloning software). This transfers everything, you'll be up and running on the new drive.

    Attach the old drive - retain for a few moths to make sure you have everything. You can leave it as a D: drive.


    If you want a clean Windows and start over: INSTALL

    Install new new hard drive.

    Unplug your old drive, and install the new drive.

    Install Windows.

    install your anti-virus program first

    install all programs

    attach old dive as D, and copy any files you want from D: onto the C: drive.

    copy over any files wanted.

    By far the first method is faster. But you might spend $25 on the s/w, well worth it.

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    load it from external backup then startup that disc and transfer or remove that drive and copy the disc

  • Dick
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    6 months ago

    Clone the small SSD to the new HDD. Once that is done you will either need to change the boot order so that the HDD boots first, OR switch the SATA data cables so that the HDD is recognized as the C:\ drive. Do what you want with the SSD. Remove it and keep it for some other use, or simply let it be your D:\ drive.

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    You CLONE the Drive. You need a special program and it is FREE>

    This is the web page:


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    The easiest way is to use cloning software, which there are free ones and I think even Windows 10 might have cloning built in. You simple clone your smaller drive over to the larger one and then in your bios set the boot order with your larger drive first. You can disconnect your smaller drive just to make sure it is booting from the larger one, then hook the smaller one back up and use it however you want, meaning you could completely wipe it so that it is back to nothing on it or you can leave somethings one it as a backup.

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    if you put this on the search bar it rnight give you directions on how to do it

  • Pete L
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    Moving Windows is a major, major undertaking. You're better off using the SSD for storage and leave Windows where it is.

    • Ryan6 months agoReport

      The problem is that I have programs installed that auto save everything to the smaller drive. I could probably somehow change but doing it on all of them would also be a major project, and I feel like I'm going to breaking something be doing so.

  • keerok
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    If you buy another copy of windows then simply take off the old drive and put in the new one in its place.

    • Ryan6 months agoReport

      Would the BIOS recognize it though?

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