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What are the odds that a relationship will last where they guy needed time to think and the girl left and now they're back together?

He's 40 and she's 22. They met at work. She was really into him and same with him. She was 20 when they met, has huge boobs (F Cup) and is a 5ft tall mexican american girl. So she appealed to his desires for a curvy, "latina" girl and also a girl who was young enough to be his daughter.

He did everything he could to keep her around. This guy had been a confirmed bachelor for years before, single for 10 years, strict sex only policy. He was 38 when he met her.

He immediately took her on vacation, got them an apartment, bought her jewelry, wined and dined her, took her to the beach for romantic picnics, paid for her gas, phone bill, school supplies etc.

Then she wanted more of a commitment, living together wasn't enough. So she decided to let him go and give him some space. Hoping that if she set him free he would come back and realize she was the love of his life.

She went from being bitter, hate filled and angry publicly ranting onlne that he was was a narcissist, that she hoped he burned for using her, that he was a loser. Then the next day she'd post that he was the love of her life, that she would do anything to have him in her life even if it was just friendship and that she was happy for him even if she wasn't "part of his happiness", then back to hating him.

She was 21 when they separated in December and is now 22. She spends most of her nights drinking and had sex with other men on the break and he had sex with other women.

Now they're back together, will it last?

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    It's very unlikely this will last.

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  • RP
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    8 months ago

    With this kind of a start, the finish is not likely to be happy.

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