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Am i wrong or him ?

Been talking to this guy after sex he ignored me and i still basically chased him thought he was going through something we use to talk every day text every day than he started ignoring my calls and barely responding in text than when i say I'm over it he will call and act like everything ok as if he doesn't want me to leave i continuesly got mixed signals he would say he doesn't care if i talk to other people than turn around an check my phone an see who is calling i kept texting because i didn't understand i was coming out of a 7 yr relationship and didn't know your not suppossed to respond fast via text i don't get it than he would catch attuides around me and insult me and i would just ignore him because i wanted him but i acted as if i didn't as if i only wanted him for sex than he started requiring me to have liquor and a condom if i wanted sex with him and i felt stupid because i would go an get the stuff get to his house realize he already has condoms and liqour and i wasted my money i got angry 🔑 his car and lied about not doing this but i caught feelings for him and my heart hurts so badly i don't even know anymore if i did something wrong or if it was just him

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    This seems like a very strange history that suggests the two of you don't belong with each other. In short, he's wrong for you and you're wrong for him. Does it really matter who is at fault?

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  • 7 months ago

    you vandalized his car? of course you are in the wrong. admit to it and make amends. Pay for the damage and whatever else you have to to make it right. that is the only honorable and right thing to do on that score. You should probably stop chasing after boys and men and acting promiscuously. it seems like your main focus in life is having a man, but your behavior has made it impossible for you to ever be eligible for marriage or a real relationship. its too late for you to ever Marry a gentleman but maybe you could marry an unemployed guy, or an illegal immigrant(the prospect of citizenship would be in lieu of your honor, virtue and sanity) or like an electrician or cop even if you sorted out your mental issues

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    • john7 months agoReport

      will want you for anything other than sex. If you think its okay to violate someones rights and property fro not liking as much as you liked him then you are crazy and are a threat to decent society and need to be stopped

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  • 7 months ago

    Go find a new boyfriend.

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