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Coworker Doesn't Wash Her Hands After Using Restroom but Is Making Food for Us?

Hi we work in the medical field. I don't want to reveal her position or say too much but I will say it involves working with patients and needlea. Anyway we always have potlucks at work and my co-worker mentioned how good her spaghetti is so naturally we wanted to try it. Well the time is coming for another office potluck and I believe she is preparing it, and it will, of course be one of the main dishes. The issue is, I've noticed she doesn't wash her hands after using the restroom. She will just flush, come out, and head right out the bathroom door. This has happened several times. Should I tell my anyone about this? She is fairly new and has only been here a few months and I don't want her to be embarrassed or alienated. But I already know that at the potluck I will not be eating anything she prepares. Do I owe it to my coworkers to give them a warning or should I just let it go?

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    I would tell them, and certainly do not eat any of her food!

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    We had a new employee that wasn’t doing something they should of. Our boss didn’t want to embarrass her. So we had everyone together and went over the correct procedure with out single her out.

    Your boss could send out a memo that details when and how to wash hands to everyone, and everyone needs to sign off on it.

    Then if anyone see it happening again, she needs to be singles out and talked to privately by the boss.

    Since you are in the medical field where this person deals with patients, you need to resort it your boss ASAP.

  • Jerry
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    Speak to her privately. Tell her "SEVERAL of your co-workers believe that you don't wash your hands after using the bathroom and find this disturbing, especially in conjunction with food handling or patient care. You might want to start making it very obvious that you ARE washing your hands each time to use the bathroom and put an end to the suspicion and gossip. I hope you're not angry, but I felt like someone should tell you this."

  • Chanel
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    I would say "have you washed your hands?" and if she says no then say "but you should if you are making food".

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    My suggestion is to put up a notice on the bathroom door (discretely) especially on Potluck day-- that ALL EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS before preparing food. Or something to that effect.

    And if you continue to see her not wash her hands, you will just have to confront her in private about it. Informing her that her lack of actions could cause illness in others Perhaps serious illness

    And if it still continues, you will have a right to immediately tell her boss.

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    i would talk to your rnanager about it, especially if shes cooking, when i was going to the salvation arrny for bible studies and a rneal, this horneless girl would prepare the food, it would gross rne out that the pastor's wife would let her do that, now shes in jail so i dont have to eat it any rnore

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      so did you talk to her manager or you just telling someone to do what you woouldn't

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    Tell her directly.

    It’s the best way to deal with it as it requires no management intervention and is your professional duty to do so.

    You and your co-workers could fall ill from her lack of hand hygiene. But if she’s ever in contact with or supplying products to patients, what makes you ill could kill someone who is already unwell or immunodeficient.

    She’s probably just fallen into a bad habit but correcting it is easy.

    Maybe you should use this as an opportunity to suggest to your employer that regular and random hand hygiene checks should be carried out, along with refresher training and guidance posters which all show the correct way for staff in the medical field to wash their hands.

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    If she works in the medical field, I have a hard time believing that's not against protocol, aside from being revolting. I agree with choko_canyon, tell HR, she could be contaminating much more than some stupid spaghetti, GROSS.

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    You should inform HR, and have them send her a polite reminder about proper hygiene procedures.

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