If you take the risk will they find out?

I’ve been on Probation for several months and still have a while to go.

For about a month or so I’ve been thinking about travelling to a few places and I was told that I have to confirm Probation about my plans and when I plan to leave/ come back. I was also told that I could just take the risk by not telling her our plans and just leave.

Time allowing, we had no time to tell them and just left. I knew it was risky, then we just went ahead. Now I’m in Europe.

When I come back (next week) I don’t know what could happen or whenever or not they would find out or they would just let me of. I don’t want this to become a violation or anything like that.

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  • Clive
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    6 months ago
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    Why didn't you just say so before you left? You know perfectly well that your probation officer can visit at any time and find out you aren't at home. Very likely for just being away for a week nobody will notice, but as with all breaches of probation conditions, if it IS discovered, the matter can be taken back to court to rethink the sentence.

    Whoever told you that you could just take the risk must be an idiot.

    • Connor6 months agoReport

      And it is often true that people don't like it when someone, who is currently serving their sentence, to suddenly leave the country. It made people angry in the past and the Justice system are very strict when deciding whether or not you could leave and be trusted to come back. They usually say no.

  • `
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    6 months ago

    Now that you've admitted what you did on the internet, it should be easy for your parole officer to find you.

  • RP
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    6 months ago

    You should have thought of this before you left. Now the best you can hope for is that somehow you slip through the system and don't get caught. However, I wouldn't bet on it.

  • 6 months ago

    You are probably fine. if its misdemeanor probation I doubt they will care, unless your PO checks with whatever agency he would have to check with to see if you left the country. if they didn't take your passport away then they are probably not concerned. if you failed to show u on the day you are supposed to you will be in trouble. I was on probation for a year for cocaine possession in America but live in europe also and I went back and forth all the time. I didn't have to check in though..just mail in forms every month and a fine

    • john6 months agoReport

      well you didn't say where you were on probation. ask your barrister

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  • 6 months ago

    Well it is. Turn yourself in now. Tell your Probation Officer and so you can start serving your Jail time. And quit making excuses for yourself. You should know not to break the rules. And when you do you need to understand you will hat consequences as a man you need to take responsibility for your actions it's just that simple.

  • Ricky
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    6 months ago

    Stay in Europe and never go back

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    They probably will find out, this wasn't the best idea. Why did you decide not to tell them, exactly? They could let you off, but the risk wasn't worth it imo.

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