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Why do I feel so guilty about taking time for my self?

I work 9-10 hour days and every single evening my wife wants to run to this store or that. (She works 8 hour days)or what project she wants to start next. I am expected to join or help. That is after I cook dinner, feed dogs, Unload/reload dishwasher and fold the clothes. she is supposed to help but she want to do all of it AFTER going out when I am even more tired (And heaven for bid I ask he to do any of it without my help. I feel rundown and ragged. I don't want to go out after a long day at work every evening. I want to sit on the couch and veg sometimes. My question is why do I feel so guilty every time I actually do it?

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago

    Tell her the household is going to start ordering groceries and having a cleaner in once a week. Explain that you'll be having takeout delivered a few nights a week so that you can have some downtime too. If she complains about the costs of all this just point out that it could be avoided by her sharing more of the domestic labor.

  • nanu
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    6 months ago

    just do it............................

  • Ana
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    6 months ago

    Does your wife also have a job, or does she sit on her a*ss at home all day? Because this is a very important question. And it’s very RELEVANT here.

    If your wife works all day like you do, then you both should be working in the evenings equally.

    But if you work all day and your wife does not work and she’s just a stay at home mom/wife, then your wife should be doing all the housework and you should be coming home to a clean house and no chores

  • 6 months ago

    Probably because you get the impression that there are a million things that need your time and attention. I feel the same way.

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