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Do Tarot cards reveal things from the subconscious or is it the demons who reveal stuff?

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    They are a reflection of your subconscious. But do you know what makes up your subconscious? You have aspects of your ego (what you want to hear) and your shadow (evil dark forces beyond your control) all in your subconscious, as well as the collective unconscious (access to universal knowledge). So, depending on how spiritually evolved you are, the messages coming from your subconscious can be a mixture of things. For some the tarot cards can be contradictory, for some they can be misleading and frightening, and for some they are right on spot. Best thing is to not rely on them too much, but trust your intincts about things. I only trust the cards when they resonant with what my intuition tells me. So, I don't depend on the messages of the cards, but I use them to reinforce what I already know inside. Because the truth is something that you already know.

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    no, just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

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    Tarot cards reveal nothing. They are entertainment.

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    LOL. All these bloody insistences on it being demonic, from crazy religious fundies..? Actually only ever made it much more interesting and appealing to me! In terms of: "WHAT are they trying to hide, exactly?" Which.. surely I can't be the only one. ;)

    It definitely reveals stuff from your subconscious. And if you want to..? You can also ask other forces for guidance, through the cards, and see how that affects your readings. Is all up to you, what you make of it, and how you want to work with it. :)

    Anyway, though..? Speaking as someone who's got a ton of supposedly scary, oh-so-evil, occult paraphernalia in her house..? I have yet to experience being demonically attacked by insidious, dark forces of Satan, y'know. Not even in my dreams.. I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare. Although I do have them on a few rare occasions. Because.. I'm human. Duh. ;)

    I think, when people start experiencing scary, evil sh*t with Tarot cards, for instance..? It is generally because they've gotten scared of the cards. So that they subconsciously think they're all twisted and evil. And then..? They get what their minds manifest, obviously. Same with anything in life. So yeah.. it really sucks how fear, inspired by fundamentalist religion, can ruin good spiritual tools and practices for so many damn people. Don't be one of them. :)

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