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Am I capable of working?

I'm mentally disabled but it's not as severe. My words come out clear but I seem to have lousy vocabulary. Many people find me weird the way I explain things. Anger and Anxiety are the two things I struggle with. I get easily agitated when I get criticized or insulted by others. I been mostly a loner through out my 20s. I only had 2 jobs before. I'm now 30. Part of me wants to better myself. but I dont cope well with other peoples wants. Due to living 10 years of being my own boss and my free schedule, that's all I'm used to. I struggle with changes. Sometimes I dont sleep well at night. So I dont know how I be able to handle a job responsibility. I dont like medication because all the psychotic meds cause tiredness. I like to feel energetic. Just not Aggressive all the time. Anyone know what I can do? Am I actually ready for a job?

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  • Pearl
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    7 months ago

    anything is possible, rny sister has schizophrenia and she works while i cant find a job

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    If u can push a broom you can work .

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