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Dog tips ?

my dog just gave birth to 4 puppies, we fed her after 3 hrs of her giving birth and she ate a lot. My concerns are : after a day it seems she lost her appetite, we feed her the food we also eat( pork etc.). Before her labor she eats so much but after her labor she lost all her apetite, is this normal?? Or because my father also feeds her during the time we are also eating that why she wont touch her food. 2nd is she is used to sleep at my parents room which is fully air conditioned, i noticed that she wants to enter in my patents room just to feel cold but my father wont let her because her puppies might not survive due to the room temp(23 Celsius). What should we do? At what age can her puppies sleep at my parents room?? They are just 1 day old. Thanks for the advice.

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    As Verulam said, first you make an appt and take mom & all the puppies in to your vet (ASAP) for a post-whelp check-up. She needs a clean-out shot to make sure she expelled all after births AND puppies. She needs to be checked as to milk production, and nipple health.

    The vet needs to examine the puppies & their sucking reflexes (look for cleft palates & other congenital defects) & can best answer where they should be, but right now (they need to be in a whelping box). They CANNOT regulate their body temperature, so the room with AC may be off-limits.

    The mother dog should have gotten USED to sleeping IN the whelping box where she was to RAISE the litter LONG BEFORE NOW!

    You or one of your parents need to be on a sleeping bag or air mattress (24/7) beside the whelping box to BE SURE she does not roll on, or SUFFOCATE any of the puppies.... for at least the first 3 days.

    The vet can also answer questions about HER DIET. I highly discourage ANY HUMAN food. She DOES NOT NEED IT and it only spoils her appetite for dog food. There is NOTHING balanced or helpful about it.

    She should have a powerful appetite (not having - one can indicate a problem) in order to be producing enough MILK and needs to be eating about double her normal amount of kibble, in PUPPY FOOD for the next 2-3 weeks. Again, if your reading did not spell all of this out => ASK YOUR VET or your breeding mentor.

    Your puppies will need to start on a liquid worming program at 2 weeks (by weight). They need to be wormed EVERY TWO WEEKS! Vet can send you home with proper product & YOU need to be WEIGHING the puppies ever day or two; to see weight gain (if they are doing as well as they should be) on a human baby scale, or if a toy breed - you might use a smaller (gram) food scale.

    Finally do not even consider KEEPING all of the puppies! They will have or develop LITTER MATE Syndrome. (Google it.)

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    If you (your family) are a novice breeder, then best practice is to take mum with her puppies to your vet after you feel she's finished whelping - her for a shot to clear out any retained birthing material, and for the puppies to be checked for abnormalities you might have missed.

    Your newly whelped b itch may not need much food IF she was allowed to eat the placenta. This is what dogs in the wild do as they can't get out hunting at first.

    Forget about human food - she needs a top quality DOG food so she can provide for her litter. And the litter needs to be at around 80F or they will become morbidly chilled and stop nursing. Newborn puppies can't regulate their own temperature.

    Your puppies should be sleeping, with mum, in their own whelping box - with one of you sleeping on a cot in the same room so you are right there to attend to her needs - at least through the first 3 weeks.

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    Call your Vet or your breeding coach.

    I get the feeling this isn't your dog because you are a child, children can't own property, dogs are property.

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    Sorry but I do not help BYBers bring in more unwanted dogs into the already over populated dog population.

    I would love to have a law that prevents people from breeding their pets. That would put an end to the over populated pet population.

    Pups would do good in your dads room. The mama would keep her pups warm. If it is colder than 40 degrees it may be too cold but dogs have whelped pups in the middle of the winter & pups did just fine.

    It always surprises me how little people know about dogs.

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      Its her first time having puppies and we do not intend to sell her puppies for profit. Thanks btw

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    First, GET YOUR DOG FIXED!!!! There are thousands of dogs dying in shelters and you are letting your dog make more puppies?????

    Secondly, why is your dog eating people food???? She eats the same food you eat? That is extremely unhealthy.

    Perhaps it is time to talk to your vet about proper nutrition for your dog and about getting her fixed.

    Your dad thinks that puppies will die in a room temperature room??????? Your dad is an idiot on so many levels.

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      My bad let me rephrase it, we treat her human food, she has her own food but she wants a piece of what we eat. From what ive read the first four days should be at 29 Celsius, well they are sleeping at 23 and below, sometimes at 17. So clarifying if its ok

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