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What is the deal with these bruises moving?

Two weeks ago, I was sanding on a stair on a deck. They put little pieces of wood to hold the step. They put two common nails,very thin, very short to hold this wood. At the very least they should have used more nails, 8d instead of 6d, and rust proof galvovnized nails. The nails snapped and the stair fell like a trap door. smashed both upper shins badly about 2-3" below he kneecaps. Bad bruises. Somehow they shifted down my shins to my ankles and heels. Seems strange. Still a lot of bruising, just not near the injury. Will they clear up on their own?

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    Yes they will but you have probably got damage under the skin - like a cut in your flesh which hasn't actually broken the skin. You've bled under the skin (which is what a bruise is) but probably a bit more than usual because gravity has pulled it downwards and that's why your bruises are showing up lower down. Show your doctor. I had something similar years ago and am left with a dent in my lower leg with a hard lump of scar tissue under the skin.

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    over time they will

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    They should clear up, eventually.

    A bruise is what you see when there's bleeding inside the skin, or in a muscle. Yes, sometimes the blood will run down the inside of the leg, and show up in the ankle or foot. Gravity.

    (I've had that happen a few times: muscle tears in the calf, blood showing up in the ankle, and even on the sole of my foot.)

    I'd guess that the internal blood clot from your original injury got torn, somehow, and it started bleeding again. You don't have damage in your ankle or foot; that's just where the blood pooled.

    In my case, the calf muscles are full of scar tissue, and it's pretty easy for me to re-injure them. I hope you do better, long term.

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