Gas boiler flue and opening windows along with how far away from the house wall?

We have a new extension on the side of our house. The boiler flue runs up from the inside behind a false wall with a hatch to get to the bends for servicing. It also has a hatch in the roof to get to the other bend for servicing. When the flue exists the roof how far from the existing house should it be and how far from an opening window. 2 gas men tell us 2 different stories?

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  • 6 months ago

    all answers depends on type and make of boiler the olden it had to be a certain distance from an opening window ...modern boilers are so efficient that the flue can be made of plastic ..a condensing boiler re-uses the initial burn and recycles it and the exhausted material come out only warm ..hence the plastic flue ...access hatches for flue bends ?? ..not in the uk ...its common today to have a boiler in a bedroom cupboard ..the flue can be just 600mm from window

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    6 months ago

    State and local by laws come into play. There are rules for drafts fro roofs and such, how far from the highest point and such, dictates how high that run should be. There used to be a 3 foot rule, but that was in the 90's, in my neck of the woods, as far as distance from windows.

  • 6 months ago

    The distance from the nearest window, door, or air brick varies on the size of the boiler, typically this is around 30-60cm if it's to the side or above the opening.

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