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I got a deep slice cut at the bottom of my small ginger while cutting the cake?

How do I take care of it till it's healed?

4 Answers

  • kelvin
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    depends on how bad the cut is and if you need to get stitches

  • 6 months ago

    Since you probably won't go for stitches, you need a tight bandage to hold the cut together, changed frequently, and it is a good idea to get a finger cast so you don't flex the finger. Give it at least a week or 1 1/2 weeks for healing.

  • Joe
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Wash it with soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment, and cover it with a band-aid.

  • 6 months ago

    Yes it is fine just eat it

    • 6 months agoReport

      Sorry I meant finger* not ginger

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