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Is my best friend toxic?

I have a best friend of 9 years, she’s a nice girl & ive been there for her because her family kicked her out and she’s suicidal. When she’s nice she’s really nice but she gets mad for the smallest of things. For e.g. if I go anywhere without her, if I talk to other friends I haven’t met in years, she will delete all social media and go MIA then expect me to reach out. I’m scared doing anything because she’s offended by everything. She will always say how alone she is and how I don’t speak to her but I do like my alone time. She acts really clingy like I’m a partner (we are both female) she has a partner and she does the same with him. When she’s angry she compares me to her other friends and says how they’re better even though I’ve been there for her forever regardless of her mood swings. What do I do? She used to get moody after a few months and now recently it’s every week

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    She’s a jealous and possessive friend. You may not see it now, but once you’re away from her you will see how toxic she is. She doesn’t want what’s best for you, she wants to control you.

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    6 months ago

    find new friends...

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