Would cops be more inclined to not ask permission to search my motorcycle at a stop? Unlike a car that has locking doors?

Update: Not that not having locking doors makes it "legal". It is just as illegal without probable cause or reasonable suspicion. Let's just say some dumb traffic stop, was doing 5 over?
Update 2: I met a guy from Idaho, ran a New stop sign that had just been installed. He'd live there 20 years, cop stopped , asked to search, he said NO and locked doors. All cop could do was get dog. When no hits, had to let him. go. If I were in similar, would cop simple search Away, not even Ask?
Update 3: Before I get this profiling nonsense; my choice to ride, my choice Of bike and riding clothes, etc, do not make me, or anyone, a :"suspect".
Update 4: "Search on a Motorcycle" ? Ever see "Easy Rider". There are saddlebags, travel trunks, all kindsa tool and accessory compartments, stashed under seat, in fuel/oil tanks, even inside tires.
Update 5: None of these answers are quite on the mark. I mean a real cop like Bruce--what would a cop Do, not what law says?
Carson, I am NOT a smuggler. We all have a right against unwarranted S & S. Beats Me what an "air box" is. Clogging intakes decreases performance. It isn't huge like on a car.
Update 6: Steve you are dead wrong. Anything they might see thru a window or smell , say pot, then they need no warrant. That is reasonable suspicion. I am asking; since unlocked saddlebags come open so easily ,do they ten just Peek? I don't think so.
Update 7: So far they just wave me on, even with 15 other bikers. Even though I wear the leathers and patches, loud Harley. . Even coming from Mexico.
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