Is a democratic socialist candidate for the general election inevitable? Is the press turning on Joe Biden to engineer a candidate coop?

The last time this happened, the press, GMA and Diane Sawyer decided that we needed an unknown, inexperienced, low-level state politician as the first black president.

I think that the press has decided that we need to transition Ameica to socialism.


Not true. I'm from Illinois too and Omama was being groomed by the same radical element of the 60's and not mainstream pols. I'm not trying to debate socialism with socialists because no side will change their mind. My argument is with the press, that operate as profit centers, who are trying socially engineer the country rather than neutral reporting.

Update 2:

Let's get back on track. My argument is with the press and not Omama. Even though the press (and GMA) fast tracked him from an unknown state senator to president, he turned out to be an OK caretaker president.

With the two less than desirable candidates of Clinton v. Trump, the press took an amazingly low profile for Clinton knowing Trump would be the moneymaker long term. These are not the altruistic press of the revolutionary war or even Edward R. Murrow. They are money machine.

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    Obama was actually a national senator by the time he ran for the presidency. He had been a state senator for 7 years before his election to the Senate and had also spent 12 years teaching Constitutional Law at one of the country's premiere law schools. Believe me, he was far fitter, more knowledgeable, and more experienced than Donald Trump is.

    This was not about Diana Sawyer and GMA. Since Obama happens to have been MY senator (I live in Illinois and in his state senate district), I know that he'd been groomed for years by experienced politicians for eventual national office. Many people saw him as a possible first black president, though it's true that some of us thought he'd first serve as someone's vice-president.

    No one wants Soviet-style Communism here, but many people are interested in social democracy, sometimes called European-style "soft socialism". It combines capitalism with good social benefits, such as a national health-care system. We already have soft-socialist programs in the US. They include Social Security and Medicare. Oh, and the Veterans' Administration.

    No, this isn't about the media. It's about what many Americans want.

    Edit: No, dear: He wasn't groomed by "radical 60s elements". He knew people like Bill Ayers here in Hyde Park (everyone knows Ayers here; it's hardly unusual), but Ayers wasn't "grooming" him for office. He was being mentored by other black politicians. You have no idea what you're talking about.

    As for your claims about the press, as someone who grew up in a journalism family and pays the closest possible attention to developments in the media, I am laughing as I type. You are sounding like a poorly-informed paranoid conspiracy theorist. I suggest you seek psychiatric help.

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    2 years ago

    No, they could field another bland centrist like Hillary or Obama.

    There is no extreme left in USA national politics. Bernie Sanders is a socialdemocrat, aka moderate leftist

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    2 years ago

    The media without a doubt is working with the far left and the DNC to choose a Democrat candidate.

    They worked for Obama and then Hillary.

    Hell, CNN and NBC gave her the question and asked if there is anything she wanted asked.

    That came out in Wikileaks, that is why they were so pissed.

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    2 years ago

    we already are socialist . is your grandma on social security ? do you have police and fire protection ? do you have schools and teachers for your children ? ALL that is socialist . why do you try to make it sound like a bad thing ?

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    Poor child, I hope you don't use social security, roads, or public schools since you're so scared of socialism.

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    Socialist is code for ni(gg)ers and whites not wanting to hate each other

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