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We are having trouble getting loans for college, my dad doesn’t have the greatest credit score and my mom has an adverse credit history.?

Is there any other options for us to get money for me to go to college? I cannot co-sign for myself.

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  • drip
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    6 months ago

    Not unless a grandparent or other friend or family member is willing to co sign for you. A private student loan will require a co-signer

    You apply and fill out the FAFSA form and see what financial aid package you get. Different schools give out different packages. Private universities tend to hand out more financial aid.

    Depending on how much money you need your can have the option of a work study program if you can get accepted. Work part time during the school year. Full time over the summer if you can find a job. Factory work is great. The over night shift can pay more. And there can be over time,

    Start off at a community college. And get a job.

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