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Did I make the wrong decision?

It started with a fun, romanticized idea of studying abroad. This idea gave me so much energy and made me envision amazing possibilities. It was very idealized and exciting in my mind. I have many thoughts like this, however almost none of them actually occur. When that happens, I might get a different feeling because nothing in the real moment matches up to whatever is created and makes me happy in my mind. Expectations don’t match up with reality. So I wanted to try it and very quickly, without really even thinking about how I feel about the situation, the excitement about my idealized fantasy made me too eager so I, without reading, signed all the papers and paid the money ASAP. And now I’m leaving in three days. The closer to reality I get, aka, the closer the trip becomes, the weirder it feels. Now my feelings are back and asking me if what I did was really right or not. Idk what to do, if I’m really ready, if this is something I really wanted. I already know it probably won’t match up to whatever I created in my mind. I guess that’s why I spend so much time in there.

What should I do? I’m confused as to how I feel, if I want it irl, or if I just wanted it to stay a fun idea in my mind.

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  • 6 months ago

    Well, you're on board now. It's natural to have trepidations. Just buckle up, go do it, and live the experience.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You need to look even deeper into yourself and really be in touch with your feelings. It seems like you are but you are having trouble even knowing if what you did was OK on your personal scale. Either way you did make the decision and it sounds like you weren’t in the best state of mind while doing so (impulsive, now flighty because you can’t make up your mind) some advice for next time. try consulting your feelings first and then make a big decision like that, not your imagination. Nothing good will come out of that.

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