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American staffy or cross breed?

american staffy or cross breed? Hello I have a few pictures of my puppy whom I bought a few months ago which I was told was a pure bred American Staffordshire.. this seem to have turned out differently and I’m having a hard time figuring out the breed it is, maybe mastiff x Amn staff? Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Cross breed. Does this ruin your chances to "fight him?" I can't imagine any other reason you'd keep posting videos of brutal and cruel dog fights.

    Only in the UK!

    • tully6 months agoReport

      Mate did you actually watch the youtube video? It’s just him playing with another dog when he was still a smaller puppy. Maybe put the time in before you judge someone. I’m very much againt Pitt fighting and if anything I’m getting a kick out of waisting some knob head pitt fighters time.

  • 6 months ago

    Bet you it was bred by a stupid ignorant BYBer or it may have come from a Puppy Mill. Taking a wild guess by what you have said & by the pic you posted, it is very possible the dog is just a X breed. Pits are just mutts, they lack any kind of uniformity & are not recognized by AKC. The ones that claim to be registered may be registered by a junk registry.

    • tully6 months agoReport

      I love my pup he’s very loyal. Mutts are the best dogs btw.

  • 6 months ago

    Did you bother to google the colors American Staffordshire Terriers come in? OBVIOUSLY NOT! Isn't the best place to start with, in an AKC breed - is with the acceptable or expected colors they COME in - before making an assumption it might be cross-bred? It is really funny that you think that small dog (with small paws) is part MASTIFF. Their avg weight is 190-230 lbs.

    Try this LINK: (with colored version of each coat)


    It looks like you have a red (with a new coat coming in) or red fawn or a fawn buckskin - which CAN can a darker ridge of color.

  • 6 months ago

    That colouring looks more like just colouring rather than a 'ridge'? We see this in young Basset puppies who are mahogany and white - a colour seen in Russian Bassets, imported into Australia and some to America, and now c/o imports into the UK, seen here. These mahoganies are genetically related to tricolours and not the red or lemon/whites in the breed.

    Your ONLY guarantee, bearing in mind registration is taken on trust, is via the registration documents form the official Kennel Club of the country of birth. And even then, trust apart, I've seen puppies of my main breed, registered with the KC, who barely resemble the breed. They are, presumably, still purebred.

    If you bought from a reputable breeder, then you have what he's said to be. If not, he could be anything!!

    Don't rely on DNA tests - I've seen the result of dogs whose background is KNOWN, from way back, come back suggesting far from what the dogs are!

    ps Be careful with the dog and that fire!! He's very close.

    • tully6 months agoReport

      Thanks, I think he’s a far cry from a basset hound at this stage but you definitely help clear things up with the ridge/ colouration thing.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Need to see the pictures to try and help. Also it's hard to tell what breed until the dog matures and is pretty much an adult.

    I've had severe dogs that I thought were mixed breeds or ab crosses until they hit around ten months or so then they suddenly either started musceing up or their ears stood after the vet assured there was no possibility and the pup was definitely a mix. Surprise on me.

    Many peope pass from their pups as pb and try and squeak momey from peope, they use friends addresses or will meet you somewhere or even bring the pups and the mom and sometimes dad too outside a store etc and have a sign up "pups for sale"

    My first black German shepherd pup was purchased as s lab pup, he was only 7 weeks old but mom had 22 pups, couldn't feed them all so I brought my $5.00 ab home and watched him grow. At 10 weeks we noticed some darker brown coming in on his inside legs and some highlights on his face, he kind of resembled a little bear cub. The pup grew very long and lanky, his tail didn't seem to stop growing, it was almost down to the floor by 20 weeks. His markings were definitely changing and we brought him to the vet and asked what mix was he. Vet assured us that the markings were called 'seal' just a lighter faded black, mostly from poorly bred dogs. At 7 months the pup surprised us al, his ears just suddenly popped up, big triangular erect ears but very much puppy round face. At 10 months long curved tail almost touching the ground big a key strides in his ewe, downward sloping back from the shoulder, definitely not lab but was unsure what breed. When he grew in his spring coat after winter he turned into a mostly Black and Tan German shepherd. Never knew the breed before him, he had some brown highlights on his face, his owner legs were classic pattern for the tan of a back tan sadde shepherd, his belly had tan mixed in and the underside of his tail was aso mixed.

    His sister was purchased by a woman a bock down from us, she traveled with her dog so we seldom saw Kasey. I was shocked to see she had faded from s pure black butterball pup to a back and silver shepherd, we figured the people selling the pups just didnt want them any more. Wanted them to go to good homes, the registration papers were fake but we never had seen any before as all the previous pups were gifts or from free to good home, type multi colored pups with every one in the box was different sized, colored or longer fluffy or short fur.

    If your ready interested in knowing your dogs inessential then I recommend a doggie DNA test kit. They are a tote spends compaired to peope ones (about $25 more) uness you get them on saw. You may be surprised as to what the dog is. He may be purebred and just looks geekey at this age too much puppy in him yet, or you may be correct in his mixture. There's no way to tell! for sure without the DNA test.

    Have you tried contacting the people you bought him from?

    • tully6 months agoReport

      Yes I have, you should write novels lol.

  • 6 months ago

    Here’s the first photo of his back with the stripe l, a bit too wide for a ridgeback right?

    Attachment image
    • tully6 months agoReport

      Just sharing my thoughts on the what the breed could be, your not a detective right? Hope not..

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