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Update: Just got my period, the cyst in my armpit left now and uti symptoms kinda did but still have burning. Period or sepsis?

Btw I never felt hot but did feel feverish many times due to stress, hormones I guess as well. Also I had uti symptoms that mainly left but I’m still left with burning when I pee but I know before periods the whole ph can be thrown off. Is it just all bad pms symptoms?

Nauseous, queasy, get heated within at times, confused/weird thoughts, weird pains in body especially back, dizzy, tired. Sepsis?

19 female had uti symptoms for over 2 weeks that faded but also have a cyst in my armpit that finally is opening and pus is coming out. Tonight it closed up looks like it’s healing now

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    I don't know what you are updating since an update should go in the original post but Pus does not come out of a cyst. Pus comes out of an abscess, also known as a boil, which is an infection. a cyst is not an infection.

    burning during urination is not a period or sepsis it is a urinary tract infection

    if you think you have sepsis you should be in the emergency room not on yahoo since it is fatal

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