Suggestions for a good and professional pair of winter boots/shoes?

Ok first and foremost, I was born and raised in California so I think that'll tell you a lot about the extent of knowledge I have when it comes to snow. Anyways, I just finished my first year of med school out of state and before starting my 2nd year, I wanna buy a good pair of winter shoes/boots (men's). The thing is, my school requires a business casual dress code, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for something that could handle the snow but still be professional enough for school. To give you an idea of the area I live in, most days we usually just get an inch of snow if that at all. Occasionally we'll have days with 2-3 inches. I was able to get by with just a pair of dress shoes and nike free runs this past year but that was because I had a car. Next year, I'll be walking to school (I live a mile away from campus). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Do a search for the LL Bean catalog and the Eddie Bauer catalog. They have all kinds of waterproof, insulated boots and shoes.

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