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can I leave a harness on my kitten?

I just adopted a 10 week old kitten recently, and weve tried putting collars on her, only for her to try and eat the bell- which ended up getting her jaw stuck open because it slipped under the collar. Even after we tightened it, she still somehow managed to get stuck. We even had to cut one off since she wouldn t let us pull the breakaway clasp. because of this I decided to put a harness on her (with a bell attached to the back) so we d still be able to hear her, since she s a quiet kitten. my older cat never had this problem with her collars when she was a kitten, but my new kitten just can t seem to handle her collars, even though my mom is insistent that she wear one like the rest of our pets. but I m terrified of her getting stuck again, since she claws at her face trying to get free (which scares me every time she does it, and she even made herself bleed once). so I m wondering if it s okay for me to leave her harness on her all the time like I would leave a collar on her

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  • 6 months ago

    Of course you can't. WTF? How are you this clueless?

    Your kitten doesn't need a collar OR a harness. If you truly adopted it that means from a shelter so it's microchipped for ID. I'm also sure the contract your mommy signed said it would be kept INDOORS at all times so don't let it out.

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    6 months ago

    No it is not, she will go mad trying to get it off, leave her collar and harness free.

  • J C
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    6 months ago

    A harness is even more dangerous than a collar. Collars and harnesses are not necessary - nor recommended - on indoor cats, in spite of what your mom thinks. Many cats have almost bitten through their tongues trying to get a stuck collar out of their mouths - it cost a friend several hundred dollars of emergency surgery, and the vet had to amputate about 1/4 of his tongue. Cats can strangle themselves in collars and harnesses when they get caught and they struggle to get free. Cats have pulled out entire claws getting them stuck in the bells - also resulting in an expensive vet visit. So short answer - no, it's not OK to leave a harness or collar on her, as you will clearly end up with a dead kitten from being strangled by the collar/harness, or a serious injury. Collars and tags were used in the days for identification - now it's microchipping which is safer and cant's come off like a collar can. Tell you mom to get with the times ;)

  • Cogito
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    6 months ago

    Cats don't need collars. They can be dangerous. If she gets it caught on something she could strangle herself.

    As long as you have her microchipped, that's enough.

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