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Biology help; what shows only a cell wall?

I have to circle what would be made of cells, and put a box around those that only show a cell wall. I've circled flower, snake, and human from the list of words I'll put below, but I'm unsure as to what I should box. (we're doing a summer packet for honors grade nine bio, in which we're going over previously learned stuff. however, i never actually spent much time on cells in school, so i have a few struggles with certain things.)

Here's the list of choices: Soil, Flower, Snake, Cork, Soda Can, Wood, and Human.

I *think* cork and wood are to be boxed - though like I've said, I'm not sure. I remember cork being related to a bunch of prison cells when it's put under a microscope, though for wood, I assume because it was previously living? I also don't know if the wood is meant to yet be alive, or if that would then be called bark instead.

Either way, please help my confused freshman brain. Thanks in advance!


I also forgot to mention that I also initially thought soil should be boxed, sorry!

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  • Zirp
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    I think the answer they want is "cork"

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  • 7 months ago

    > what shows only a cell wall?

    None of those listed, but hey.

    Shows cell walls plus some extracellular matrix:

    Cork, wood

    Shows cell walls plus extracellular stuff plus the contents of living cells:


    You can find living cells that have cell walls (bacteria, fungi) in this, but also lots of nonliving material and some animals that don't have cell walls:


    These animal cells do not have cell walls:

    Snake, human

    You're not finding any cells here:

    Soda Can

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  • 7 months ago

    I agree with your thought, cork and wood would be boxed in addition to flower snake and human. Cork was the object used by Robert Hooke to discover cells and wood would contain cells due to it being previously living. Soil wouldn't contain any cells and a soda can wouldn't really have cells due to the extreme lots of process done to manufacture it

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