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Should I apply for summer camps to work for?

Is it okay I send applications to several camps than just one? What if I got accepted to a few and I had to pick one? Is that okay? I am new at this.

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    Yes. Most people apply to several jobs; after they accept an offer, they turn the others down (politely! "Dear Human Resource Officer: Thank you so much in your interest in my resume. However, I have already accepted a position with another camp, so please withdraw my name from the applicant pool. Thank you so much for your kind consideration! Sincerely, Anonymous").

    That said, it's awfully late to be applying for summer camp jobs now. Camps will have long since filled their positions.

  • juliet
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    6 months ago

    Summer camps are GREAT summer jobs for college students. I worked at one last summer. I would have been happy to return again this summer, but I’m entering my senior year of college and it just made more sense for me to do an internship.

  • Ben
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    6 months ago

    Yes (sorry, I need 15 characters)

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