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After really intense pursue Scorpio man cancelled two dates in a row. What’s his problem?

Help, guys! He was so intense, was making plans and everything and then cancelled two dates in a row. Idn if it’s really work like he said. Because work seems always comes up on the date night. Maybe he has issues?

He is all water guy. Sun scorpio, moon cancer, mars pisces. Maybe this may change his mood so fast?

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    People play games too much. A Scorpio is serious with real raw emotions not stupid fake ones that people shows all the time. Water signs rule emotions so if u play with their emotions they will show you how it's really done. Not pretty scary for non-emotional people. Lol good luck! Think of those old 80s vampire movies when u see the female or the male get in contact with one but doesn't know. After end up going out make out passionately. A kiss here, a kiss there and then a bite. Ouch! The bite is just beginning. Secretly waiting for you to change. They are studying how you manage when u cannot feed.

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    Maybe he doesn't want to date someone who believes in ridiculous nonsense such as astrology.

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    Only time will tell what is actually going on in his mind. His actions (much more than words), will tell you. The only way to be comfortable with this insecurity, is to be whole, happy, and be able to make your life rich and full without using a relationship for this.

    The initial attraction we feel for someone is not a choice .. it is orchestrated by our subconscious mind reading the other person’s subconscious subtle signals. When there is a match (and usually the match is over buried pain), our brain releases hormones that literally make us “high”. We mistakenly call this “love”, but real love takes some years to grow.

    And this high never lasts. It may die out after just one date, or last as long as 3-5 years into a marriage. When it dies out, we no longer feel that excitement or craving for the other person. And if we think this is what love is, then we are convinced the love has died out.

    People change their mind about being interested in someone, even in liking or loving someone, ALL the time. Most dating relationships die out, and it may be over something very small, or even has nothing to do with you at all.

    The first 1-2 years are to be seen as a time where you two get to know each other to see if it MIGHT last. Certainly, two dates is way too early for either of you to actually know each other, which takes about 2 years of steady dating. And during those 2 years, either party can suddenly and inexplicably lose interest. And often does.

    Understand that men fall in love because of how the girl looks, whether or not he likes her kind of looks. And they know this right away. And if they ARE ready to commit, they make sure she never feels neglected, because they are afraid to lose her. Although if they are ready to commit, they usually take at least a year to make up their mind if she IS the one.

    Otherwise, guys pursue a girl because he is horny and she might or she does give him sex. In this case, he doesn’t care for the girl, and isn’t going to because she doesn’t have the looks he wants.

    So he was intense at first. Part of that is his Sun in Scorpio.

    Sun represents what kind of behaviors make us feel alive and whole inside … for Sun in Scorpio, this will be intensity that makes them feel whole. Whether he handles this need well, or poorly – expressing the positive OR the negative side of Scorpio – depends on how his Sun “aspects” other planets in his natal chart.

    Moon is our automatic emotional reactions. In Cancer, his emotional reactions will be Cancerian … wanting to belong with a “family/partner” and wanting to nurture them. But unless they feel totally safe, emotionally, with this/these other(s) people, they tend to withdraw and focus on nurturing and protecting themselves.

    And how well/poorly they handle their emotions - whether their emotions are the positive side of Cancer or the negative side of Cancer – depends on how Moon “aspects” any of the other planets.

    Understand that for anyone with Moon in Cancer (or other personal planets in Cancer), they are more likely to withdraw than to tell you what is bothering them. Unless there are other factors in their natal chart that indicate a more-communicative frame of mind. The entire chart operates as a whole, and any one factor influences how the other influences operate on the person.

    Mars is about how we respond to ANYTHING that we want … a hot fudge sundae, a new car, and yes also sex. It is about how we take action to get what we want, and how we react if we cannot get what we want. So, it shows initiative (or lack of), assertiveness, anger/aggressiveness. In Pisces, he finds it difficult to feel confident about what he thinks he wants.

    Often what he consciously thinks he wants is not what he subconsciously wants … and he problem here is that our subconscious controls almost ALL of our choices and actions. So he has trouble being sure about his desires.

    How well or poorly he handles this depends – you got it – on HOW his Mars “aspects” any of his other planets.

    We ALWAYS look at the ENTIRE natal chart .. the 10 planets, all 12 Signs, the 12 houses, the link between the Sign on a House and the planet which “rules” that Sign, which House a planet is in. And the FIRST thing we look at because it guides our interpretation for everything else, is how the planets interact with (aspect) each other.

    Look at any natal chart drawn up for the precise minute-hour that person was born (and don’t bother looking at their chart if you don’t have that time) … and the harmonious interactions/aspects are the blue lines drawn between any two planets. And the red lines indicate inner discord/conflict.

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    Check his chart to see what degrees his Sun, Moon and Mars are in their signs. If they are within 8 degrees of each other they are in a strong harmony with each other so maybe he really does have work commitments. Nothing of what you state suggests mood swings and in fact if the degrees are as stated then he could be an extremely reliable type of person with great drive to do things. A Scorpio Sun person can be extremely intense but his placements do not show that but what about the rest of his chart.

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    Yeah that doesn't sound good

  • Snoopy
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    Scorpios are not intense. The only intense 'water sign' is Pisces. Scorpios are wannabe Pisces or Aquarius or Aries or Taurus it's why they are always trolling on here.

    Only fellow addicts agree with them which is a lot of people on here you included.

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