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If a guy adds his ex girlfriend that's very much in love (obsessed) with him back on instagram does that mean they're getting back together?

I just want opinions because I'm not at the stage with him where I can ask him. We dated for about 2 months after he broke up with this girl and she was obsessed with him the entire time.

She would text him and tell him that she would drop everything in her life to be with him. She volunteered to drop out of college, move anywhere he wanted and basically leave her family behind and even her friends if he would give her another chance.

This girl religiously posted public facebook status's about being heartbroken to get his attention. One day she'd post that she hated him and that he was a narcissist. The next day she would post that she was happy they were together and that he was a part of her life and she wished the best for him. Then the next day she hated him again and made a post about wishing he would "burn to the ground" for breaking her heart. She did this daily for like 4 months.

She would show up at the gym he works at in a skimpy bikini and hang by the pool. She tried to get information on him from his co-workers. She called him in the middle of the night and hung up.

Then I noticed the other day that he added her on instagram. He only follows his friends and family and the people closest to him. Like 15 people or so and he's very private. I'm on there because we were dating. I don't understand why he'd add her back unless he wanted to get back together. Because he knows full and well that she is absolutely obsessed with getting him back and cant handle a friendship

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    You should be able to ask you shouldn't have to wonder about this you're gonna drive yourself nuts. Just ask him what's up with that? for him to tolerate all of her ridiculous drama and disrespectful attempts to get his attention he either considers her feelings too much and she's getting to him as far as making him feel guilty or he wants her back. Hopefully not she sounds intense because to give up your future for someone..that's ridiculous and it's a problem bc she's way too dependent on him and is completely putting the key to her happiness in someone else's pocket and doing something like that especially with an ex is never a wise choice.

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    He's tolerated her drama and narcissism because there's something wrong with him. He's probably added her back because he's still en thrall to whatever insanity created this codependent situation. In short, he's not ready to move on to a new relationship. He's not even close. You need to make other plans because this guy is way too deep into the rabbit hole of their shared lunacy to date right now.

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    I was in this type of relationship where my boyfriend was like that when I broke up with him and I am currently with someone else now I had blocked him from all the constant calling and texting but the only reason I unblocked him was because he was threatening his life and then I eventually blocked him again because I had enough and I still follow his family members on facebook because it seems rude of me to just unfriend them just like that since I was apart of their lives for 3 years but I don't like their things anymore. Maybe sit down and have a talk with him there could be many reasons why he unblocked her but just because of that I don't think they'd get back together.

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    Honestly, if he broke up with her for you i doubt she’s anything but a second choice from now on.

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    I'd tell him you know he's put her back on his list so 'what gives?'. Say to him - if you are enjoying all this attention she's giving you, then why not go back to her. I don't wish to play second fiddle to your mad ex girlfriend. It's me or her unfortunately. Then leave him to think it over. You risk losing him, but at least you'd know if he preferred you to her. I wouldn't want my boyfriend to be distracted so much by his ex. It'd be insulting to me.

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    It is really hard to say. Perhaps they have agreed to remain friends or he feels that he is in control of the situation to the extent that he can add her on social media and still remain in control of the situation without getting tempted by her. In saying that, I can understand your apprehensiveness about the whole ordeal. Depending on how close you are to this guy, I would ask him what his intentions are. You are entitled to know where you stand with him so that you don't get hurt emotionally. I really hope that this helps :)

    Source(s): Where are you at with this guy at the moment? Are you dating? :)
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    Dream on now ways he wants you back. Wow what kind of looser are you

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