Why is North Carolina in a recession, and why are there fewer kids/cars on the road and why are there fewer tourists/jobs/buildings?

In North Carolina, why are Stores, Roads, and Restaurants so empty and quiet? What makes North Carolina’s Job Market, Schools, economy, opening and hiring businesses, living, kids going to School, and empty roads and what makes the Entertainment Industry and what makes money all of it harder in North Carolina then in most states? Also, why don’t you see as many people living in North Carolina as you do in other parts of the country? Why isn’t tourism and “party atmosphere” alive and well in North Carolina? Also, why does North Carolina have fewer kids, that has been asked in many of my other questions for months? As I have asked this before, why is there a population shortage and why is there a shortage of jobs and infrastructure building in North Carolina? Why can’t there be people all over North Carolina, and why can’t North Carolina’s economy be booming with kids? What makes NC lacking appropriate growth? Why is NC struggling finding the right jobs that are in amongst other states? Also, why are roads in NC so empty, unlike driving down roads, streets, and highways in other states? Also, why are there no to very few kids who live in in North Carolina? Why is bad North Carolina is compared to the rest of America now? Why are there less people that want to venture out into North Carolina then other states? Why are there not as many young families and young kids who want to move from States to North Carolina?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It's not true that North Carolina is receiving fewer tourists, you're completely wrong about that, just like you're wrong when you say that it's been losing population. The population has been steadily increasing. It's true that it isn't the best place to find a job, but here are the ten worst states for obtaining employment:



    North Carolina








    Six of them are Southern states, so North Carolina isn't much different than other parts of its region economically. The bottom three are all Southern states and Louisiana and Mississippi always come in last with everything - employment, education, health care, life expectancy, etc.

    Educate yourself.

  • JimZ
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Why do some people ask questions with a false premise?

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