music lesson plans?


Any ideas for elementary music lesson plans. Just got accepted a job offer.

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    6 months ago
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    If you’re serious and not trolling Yahoo Answers, then I would suggest, if you can, asking other teachers in the district (other music teachers at different campuses) for starters. If you don’t have anything to begin with, it’s obviously going to be a big challenge getting started. You will be relying on the resources you gather from other professionals who have done this for quite some time or resources that you gather from internet/book resources. Look at the curriculum guide for the school year (assuming they provide you one) and start planning for first unit whatever that may be. If you really love working with students and teaching music, the planning will be worth it. Just know it will require lots of your personal time. Good luck, buddy!

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    Well I don't care.

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    6 months ago


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