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Questions about parallel parking for the NYS road test? ONLY for those who have taken the NY road test.?

Hi guys, got few questions in my mind for parallel parking. Please answer if you have taken the road test in NYC only because the exam components vary from state to state.

1. When turning two turns to the left side (in reverse mode), do you need to look in the blindspot on your right side before looking in the rear window (& occasionally right side mirror) & continuing with the parallel parking, because by this time the drivers behind you know that you are parking in the designated area?

2. I know that if the car is near the curb, you turn all the way to the left side (in reverse mode) to fix the parallel parking and not hitting the curb. However, I am confused about when the car is away from the curb, do you put the gear in 'reverse' mode when turning to the right side all the way or in 'drive' mode, like what is the difference? Can some clarify if turning right side in 'reverse' mode means that the car was away from curb then expected vs in 'drive' mode if the car is still far away from the curb? When do you use these actions?

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    You need to look all around before and while reversing. That includes your mirrors and blind spot. It's fundamental to reversing, wherever you are. You must know what's going on around the car.

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    The exam components DO NOT vary from state to state. You have a spot, you park in the spot. You signal intent, you set up, you turn your head, you park without hitting any objects. You should already know how to do this. If you do not, then you will fail

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      I think what they might've meant is that some states test for parallel parking & some don't, like Maryland (I don't know about other states though). You do need to know how to parallel parking for sure after practicing to drive with a person who is either an instructor or an experienced driver.

  • Anonymous
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    You get two tries to get into the spot and once there you get to perform an adjustment if you need to get closer to the curb. If you cannot get into the spot in two tries you fail. You have to look all around before backing and you have to signal .. It's not rocket science. In making the adjustment to get closer to the curb you pull forward and back up as needed in whichever order makes sense depending on your distance from the vehicle in front or behind.

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    you need a driving instructor to answer this. You can't pass.

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