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my bunny ate a lot of the rubber off of a rubber part of a scissor handle. should i be worried?? what should i do? the color was gray btw.?

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  • 5 months ago

    update: he was functioning normally and what i did was i fed him a lot of hay and water, and he is alive and well and has had no issues!

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    If she ate it then she needs to be seen. If she was just being obnoxious then chewed it up because it was fun then she should be okay.

    The little slivers if plastic (most are not rubber unless its soft handled) get in her tummy and intestines it can cause a lot of sharp pain as these will be sharp little pieces passing inch by inch through the digestive tract, the vet may advise a home remedy, not sure what could be used as a binder so it doesn't cut her from the inside out. Call the clinic, yes they are closed but there's should be an in call vet to advise you weather to take her in or wait it out or they may open the clinic to see you, depends where you live.

    We on Y.A. are not medically trained unless someone states they are a vet or a tech etc) nor can we give medical advice. Phone calls don't take as much time as just running to the E.R. vet, and if they are the only ones available, call first and ask what they think.

    Good luck, hope things come out okay.

    • Sarah6 months agoReport

      it’s a pair of scissors that’s black plastic with a gray rubber soft part ingrained and the only part he’s eaten is some of the gray. i’ve given him lots of hay and water and cleared out his litter box to make sure he’s urinating and pooping normally, but i’ll be sure to call a vet. thanks!

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    yes, he need to go to hospital

    • Sarah6 months agoReport

      like actually or are u just saying that? have u had a bunny?

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