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Logan asked in PetsDogs · 6 months ago

What is the best flea protection for a large dog?

He's on apoquel for itching, and has a seresto collar. last week his ithing got worse and I saw fleas on a bear spot at the base of his tail. I gave him a flea bath and CapStar, but the fleas were back today so I gave him another CapStar.

The seresto is 3 months old. I take it off when I bathe him, But we have been caught in the rain a few times. He has not had any ticks.

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    6 months ago
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    You need to stop ng him flea baths so close togeather, his skin will dry, the essential oils won't protect his coat and he will scratch like there's no tomorrow. You can put him in a tub and submerge most of him in warm water, the fleas should make a dive for their lives and they have petsafe conditioners you can spray in to make his coat easier to use a flea comb on as he's drying.

    Biggest problem with fleas is the eradication around and inside the house. He can be flea free, walk through the house, pick up several critters and the cycle starts again. Also unhitched eggs still hang around after flea baths and they hatch, cycle begins,

    Besides Fido you need to vacuume the house daily, twice a day where the dog sleeps and plays the most. His bedding (the covers) need to be washed. If he has a doggie bed then it needs to be sprayed, placed in a big plastic bag, using the hose attachment suck as much air out if it as possible and let it sit a week. Make sure the beds not wet with the flea spray (pet safe not insecticide) even wash his water and food station, kennel etc. If he's been riding opin your car then it needs to be vacuumed too just to make sure, spray the carpets very lightly as a preventative. Car seats for him should be washed.

    Your yard needs to have shorter grass so if it's due for a mow, do so. Fins a pet safe yard spray for ridding of fleas, they are around but not at every store. We picked up a product from our vet that worked week. Our infestation came in on those cute bunnies that run through the garden and yard at night, and I strongly suspected thee squirrels didn't help. To keep the wildlife from the yard and garden, hiding under the steps I make containers for moth balls, the smell can come out, animals and water cannot get in, I stake then in the garden and at the steps where the bunnies like to stay cool and dig little nests. Where they come in from the back fence area we also have a line up of tins filled with balls and staked out. I've made a holder out of soup cans where one fits inside the other, I poke holes in both ends to let the moth ball smell out but water cannot get in, dogs cannot lick or open them. There's also a wire or zip tie or scene holding then shut and mounted 6 inches from the fence. Wildlife stopped raiding my garden, flea infestation became nonexistent.

    For the rest if the house if pups on the furniture or not you should wipe it down or vacuume that too, any flat surface. What your trying is to break the luge cycle of hatch, feed, mate, lay and hatch. I believe it's every 8 to 10 days depending on the humidity and heat.

    You can also ask your vet about any oral meds that may help, we switched over to oral tablets and have not needed flea collars etc cpsince, however just as a precaution and the fact I have many animals I vacuume every day but I don't spend hours at it, just the dog traffic areas for the most part and a light once over every where else. Also keeps the place pretty hair free.

    Good ink, don't get discouraged, many people have this problem eradicating the pests. Took me three months the first time, and when my brothers house was over run about two weeks before we didn't find any.

    Over the counter products you have to read the label carefully. One of the pet brands I grew up with and trusted because of the name brand and reputation I discovered from both the vet and the pharmacist that it was watered down insecticide. I had used a carpet spray that was allegedly safe but reading the MSDS sheet found that animals and humans should not come in contact with for 3 days. Some of the shampoos were the same insecticide put in with a conditioning shampoo being labeled as flea bath. Now when I don't know a product I call the vet or one of the animal hospitas and ask if it's safe for dogs, cats and children.

    • Verulam
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      6 months agoReport

      Oh yes, SQUIRRELS. Although it's only recently that we've had a problem with fleas, and we've seen squirrels around since the first time we moved here, over 10 years ago, whever we've had squirrels around, we have fleas. The local cats crossing the lawn outside don't help either.

  • 6 months ago

    here the best fleas and ticks products that really help for any sizes dogs . i usually buy at costco whole sale store more cheaper and save some money .


    1.Frontline Plus - fleas .\ ticks

    2.Ultra Guard

    3. Fleas and tick shampoo

    4.heart gard

    5.K9 advantix - extras large dogs

    6.hartz ultra guard plus

    7.flea and tick collar for dogs

  • Lauren
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    6 months ago

    What a handsome dog! It sounds like there are fleas in his environment, since they keep coming back after giving capstar. Capstar kills all the fleas on the dog but has no lasting effects. This is the same with the flea shampoo. Seresto collars don't always work well when used alone, but it should last at least 5 months assuming that the collar didn't get seriously wet more than once/month. Seresto collars can be combined with other flea/tick products, or you could switch over to something oral or topical. Sometimes those work better, but usually have to be administered more often (like once a month). Your vet will have prescription products and can let you know if you could try switching over to that and getting rid of the collar, or if it would be needed with the collar. Depends on geographical area as well, and how bad fleas are in that area. Nexgard is a popular oral medication for fleas, is prescription and is given once a month. It should not be used in dogs that are already prone to seizures, but if no seizure history, should be okay. But your vet will have their own preferred products depending on what works there.

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    6 months ago

    Use dish soap instead of flea shampoo.

    Bug bomb the house and use flea sprays

    I heard peroxide works in a spray bottle.

    Then treat your yard. Flea comb often.

    Otherwise tought it out til winter.

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  • John
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    6 months ago

    That fine white powder you sweep into the rug is my favorite for when I had pets. You can get away with only sweeping the powder on the main paths the pet frequents and it will last 2 to 3 years. It completely eliminates fleas, not just reduce them.

  • 6 months ago

    I like Advantix II

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