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I think he's going to kiss me?!?!?

So I went to prom with this boy. I know he likes me but I don't like him. We have hung out since because I want to be friends but I don't think he's getting the hint that I just want to be friends. We are going to the movies tomorrow (he asked me) and I said sure but now I'm thinking he's going to kiss me!!! I don't want to kiss him what do I do?!

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  • 7 months ago

    If you're not interested in dating him and said you'd go to the movies, why didn't you let him know you'd go as friends? Or say no thanks?

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  • g
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    7 months ago

    Why can you not be clear up front with him, cut all the foolishness?

    • Jeff7 months agoReport

      I've been going at it for too long I'm scared. should I talk to him before the movie?

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