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how long can leopard gecko go without crickets??

i have a leopard gecko that i feed 12 large crickets to about once every week and what i noticed was if i fed my gecko linguini say Tuesday then about Monday all 12 crickets would be gone and Tuesday he would need another 12. well i didnt get the chance to go to petco yesterday or today and im going out to dinner tomorrow night so i can pick up 12 Large crickets and make matters worse im new to this and i've given him a full water bowl and im all out of meal worms as they are all dead and thrown out so im worried about linguini if he can hang in there for just until like 8pm tomorrow tonight so i can go to petco get 12 large crickets and feed linguini if i need to im more then happy to contact petco and see if they have large crickets.

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    6 years or better, males perhaps more. As long as they are getting a decent diet, one particular feeder hardly matters.

    A varied diet seems to be best, dubia roaches, meal worms, Etc. Some people gut load feeders to supplement.

    Should be able to go another day without as long as water is available.

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