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What is the difference between jam, puree, sauce, jelly and preserves?

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    Jam is made from fruit and pectin and includes seeds/parts of the whole fruit. Puree is when the veggies, along with other ingredients like cream, are blended smooth. Sauce isn't always made from veggies or fruit, and usually includes spices, thickeners, and creams or butter. Jelly is made from fruit and pectin, but only the juice. Preserves are whole pieces of fruit saved in pectin, sugar, or salt.

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  • geezer
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    7 months ago

    There are differences between what someone from the UK and someone from the US would call some of them but on the whole ...

    JAM is made from boiling fruit with sugar and water until it is thick enough to set on it's own .. athough shop bought jam may have gelatine added as well.

    PUREE is raw fruit that has been blended to a smooth consistency .. but it can be warmed up afterwards.

    SAUCE is cooked fruit that has been blended to a smooth consistency .. served hot or cold.

    JELLY can be either ''jam with no bits in it'' or fruit juice that has has gelatine added to make it set.

    PRESERVES is just a posh name for jam .. but it usually has larger bits of fruit in it.

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  • Katie
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    7 months ago

    Jam - chunky seedy fruit spread

    Puree - seedless fine fruit spread

    Preserves - posh term for the above

    Jelly - set fruit juice pudding, served usually at childrens parties

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  • 7 months ago

    Jam will be chunky and may contain seeds.

    Purée would typically be straight fruit, puréed.

    Sauces would be many things, usually with other ingredients and prepared to go “on” something.’

    Jelly is typically strained of solid matter and is more refined.

    Preserves would be jammy, but maybe less sugar, large pieces of fruit.

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  • 7 months ago

    Tom is somewhat right. However, Jam is not a sauce. It's just a sugary fruit spread. Unfortunately, most of them are mostly sugar. Jelly is not a smoother version of jam at all. Jelly is short for Gelatin, which is a congealed thickening agent made of animal bones and collagen. The collagen is usually obtained from pig skin. Preserves are the same as jam, just made differently. He's right about puree - anything blended/pulverized to a smooth consistency.

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    • Janet
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      7 months agoReport

      In the US, jelly is a jam that has strained out the pulp and seeds before cooling it in jars. And the thickening agent is either the pectin content of the fruit, or pectin that has been added.

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  • 7 months ago

    Jam - a chunky sauce made from cooking whole fruit with sugar and water

    Puree - anything that s been blended to a smooth consistency

    Jelly - A smoother version of jam, made with fruit juice rather than a whole fruit

    Preserves - Jam with larger chunks

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