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Community Control violation in Florida?


I was wondering what happens when someone violates their community control (house arrest) in Florida.

Update 2:

Does the Community Control officer or the police show up at their house if they have a warrant out for their arrest? Do check to make sure the person is actually at their residence? Do they get arrested if they go in to report?

One of two things is happening currently

1. They haven't bothered to show up at the location where the defender is supposed to be living and he has not been showing up to probation/Community Control

2. He is on the run.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Update 3:

He might also be going to Probation/Community control and they haven't bothered to arrest him yet. The warrant has been out for 3 weeks.

Update 4:

Wrong Category. Delete.

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    You missed your opportunity to ask the attendees of the Trump Rally yesterday. They would know.

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