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I’m scared I have STDs?


I do have anxiety (putting it out there).

So more than a month ago, I had vaginal sex with an extremely high risk woman (I am not profiling, it is what online resources define). I used a condom, even when she was giving me oral sex.

I am scared I have every STD from syphilis to HIV.

I tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea at 1 week - negative

Syphilis/Hep B/C at approx. 17 days - negative

And now I have to wait the LONG 3 SLEEPLESS MONTHS FOR HIV..

What if I tested too early for the STDs when I in reality actually have them??? I don’t want to be a danger to my family and friends.

I have a painful/stiff/sore neck and upper back with a bit of nose sniffles/sickness.. what if it’s HIV?! It’s either HIV or from muscle exertion at work (lifting etc)

Please help I know I made a huge mistake for having sex with someone that I didn’t trust.

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    You just sound like a hypochondriac. HIV is really harder to catch than what people think especially if you are a male and having vaginal sex but it's still a chance and you should use precautions.

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    6 months ago

    You should have bought a doll.

    I too am a hypochondriac and will not have s3x for that reason.

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