Need Help on buying a gaming desktop. I got 2 in mind. need help? thank you?

First One:

-total w/o tax: $1150

-pros: gpu:rtx 2060 cpu: ryzen 7 2700x

cons:mother board is not stated (most likely cheap and bad) i tried to call them they said they dont know

and psu is 550 watt no other info is given

Second One:

-total w/o tax: $1300

pros: Better gpu: rtx 2080 ($300 more than 2060), good psu 600w 80 gold plus

cons: gpu is from zotac, cpu is i7-8700 which his a little weaker and MOTHER BOARD IS INTEL h310.

should i buy the first or second one? or not either of them? and why

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    The Core i7-8700 is better with gaming because it has stronger Single Core performance but since the Ryzen 7 has 2 more cores it has better multicore performance.

    H310 is pretty crappy so it might be better if you can build the PC yourself. $1300 is hard to beat but that RTX 2080 is probably a lower end model with a smaller cooler.

    • zayd6 months agoReport

      If the Zotac RTX 2080 is Okay , i was going to get the pc and then replace the motherboard. I tried to buy the same parts to see how much it is and it goes to $1400 minimum since this is such a good deal

  • 6 months ago

    I would say for a gaming PC 550W PSU on the first is a little underpowered if you want to extend later, its fine for the 2060 but if you decide later on an XX80 GPU upgrade it will struggle.

    At the moment the i7 would be better for gaming without the hyperthreading basically making it an i5 but as games are now using the threading more i7 will maybe come better in future. either processor should be fine for most future gaming for a good few years.

    16gb is fine now but my personal preference would be making sure its 2x8gb rather than 4x4gb so you have 2 spare slots for easier future upgrade.

    i prefer to go somewhere that lets me choose individual components rather than a bespoke build.

  • 6 months ago

    I seem to be able to do it for $1265 but you're still on the hook for finding a copy of Windows at a good price. Otherwise you will have to run Windows w/o a product key which isn't an issue but you'll have to deal with a watermark and reminders. You might want to look at the storage drive setup on the Core i7 prebuilt system.

    I don't really know of a decent 80-plus 600w power supply that I'd recommend. Most 80-plus White units aren't very good. The newer Corsair CX-series is decent, but I'd go with a Rosewill Capstone or Photon if I was in the market for a good budget PSU.

    Personally I would suggest holding off until the middle of July because there are too many new parts coming out in a short period of time. Nvidia is supposed to release a refreshed version of the RTX cards, and on 7/07/2019 AMD is coming out with Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) and their Navi based RX 5700 cards. AMD claims the RX 5700 XT is supposed to be slightly faster than an RTX 2070, but this card will be priced at $450.

    In addition to that, do you really need the i7 or the Ryzen 7? If you're going to play games on a 60hz monitor then a Ryzen 5 will do. Even for a 144hz monitor setup, you would be well enough off with a 9th Gen Core i5.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    The second one for sure. The rtx 2080 is %50 faster then the rtx 2060.

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