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Difference between Biology, Biological Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Biochemestry? What differeanciates those? (College)?

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    You can try this website

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    If I were a college student, I'd be very worried about being "differeanciated." In the absence of a dictionary, differeanciation often turns out to be fatal to a college education.

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    First, if you are looking at a specific college that offers all of these majors, you can look at the college catalog and find a specific list of courses required for each major. But in general, BIology and Biological Science are probably effectively the same. You will take a variety of biology courses covering everything from Cell Biology and Genetics to (perhaps) Anatomy and Physiology to Botany and Ecology. You'll also take a year or two of chemistry. Generally, you'll have a few core courses and then complete the major with elective courses in Biology.

    Comparing Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to Biochemistry, the second will probably require more chemistry, and the courses will generally be offered by a chemistry department rather than a biology department. So, you'll learn more of the chemical aspects of biochemistry rather than the biological aspects. A biochemistry and Molecular Biology major will include a significant amount of biology, particular Genetics and Cell Biology in addition to specific courses in Biochemistry and in Molecular Biology. This will generally require more chemistry than a regular Biology major, but less than a Chemistry major would.

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