Should I give things a second try?

Me & my ex dated for 5 years. We both are 20 .Both of us had mistakes, I was controlling due to insecurities of my own and some due to some things that he had said to me. He had anger & bipolar issues, and was a good manipulator. Arguments regarding social media led to him saying he couldn't wait to meet new people. Basically he had a female coworker who was known as a slut and would flirt with everyone, he would tell me about her a lot. I found her number in his phone which he claimed he had no clue how she got it. He then blew up and told me I had trust issues and he wanted to kick me out and made me feel crazy and I apologized to him. Weeks later I confronted him about the number he came clean & admitted to lying about deleting texts & calls and gave her his # because she asked for work only. I had a feeling there was more so I made up that i was texting her and he yanked the phone out my hand then I said I had a app that would retrieve texts and he admitted to me he had smoked with her after selling weed to her after work. He had lied about smoking with his guys. I later found out that it was twice that he sold weed and later smoked with her and he wanted to cut her out his life then was going to admit everything. I asked her about it and she lied to me, defending him. Two months later he asks to get back together and says it was all a mistake and she meant nothing to him Idk what to do he seems genuine but I don't know if he will change and if they had a thing together?

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  • 6 months ago

    Life is too short and there's WAY too many others out there that won't screw up a "first chance".

  • Katzen
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    6 months ago

    If I was you I'd end the relationship. You don't actually sound that controlling to me at all - it sounds like you have a good intuition, and you are suspicious because you can sense he's full of bs, and he's manipulative so he's turning it around on you to make you feel like the bad guy and believe you're the one with issues. If you were with an honest man then trust me you wouldn't be "controlling" anymore.

    No, people don't change. Don't get with him in the hopes he'll change. Just choose someone who is good for you from the start. This is advice I wish I told myself 2 years ago.

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