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Is it hard for you to work and keep up exercising?

Im gonna be starting a new job soon and ive been getting up early lately and im already tired from that alone so i know its only gonna get worse when i work which i dont mind bc ive been making it a habit to go to bed earlier anyways. But do you ever have a hard time working out after you get off of work? If you do how do you counter it? also my job requires me to stand up for the entire shift we don't get the thirty minute breaks like most places.

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    Firstly you need to choose a type of exercise that you actually enjoy - no point trying to do something you hate consistently. Secondly, if you fuel yourself with proper nutrition throughout the day you should have plenty of energy to exercise after work - just prioritize it and make it a routine

    • Tyler6 months agoReport

      Of course all of that will help, and once your body adjusts to an earlier sleep/wake cycle your energy will only keep improving. The main issue people run into is ruining their sleep schedule on weekends - so avoid that if you can :)

  • my4
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    6 months ago

    I don’t have time and my body is suffering from it. I’m 90lbs overweight, have 4 kids, work 2 jobs, work all 7 days. I’m a teacher, I don’t get a lunch break, my only down time is driving to my 2nd job, picking up kids, dropping kids off and maybe watching a bit of their sporting events.

    • Emily Rose
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      You're very busy and im sorry to hear that you don't have much down time. I hope it gets better for you soon.

  • Logan
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    6 months ago

    I don't know how some people do it. Arnold claims he worked out 5 hours a day, ran a brick laying business, got an MBA and took acting classes from 8 to midnight.

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    Tell those crapheads that you are going to take a two hour long break at a certain time every single day and then use that time to work out. Also, if they tell you that you can't just flip them the bird and tell them to go jerk off somewhere.

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