Am I wrong for wanting to explore and move on from my relationship ?

OK, so I've been with my boyfriend for almost 9 years now. So practically all of my early 20's. (I'm not 30 yet) Anyway, he is a great guy, considerate and I do love him dearly. However, I feel like I am not doing much these days. Like he just got his feet together and is working 2 jobs like he wanted to make money and do what he loves which is handicapping. (Horses) anyway, we moved from the city to a rural town and there is nothing to do up here really, except for I wrong for feeling this way? I feel guilty but i also don't want to look back and regret not living my life.... I already go back and forth to NY for a part time job and to see family but I know he doesnt like me being away, but when I'm in town there is nothing to do. I feel stuck. :( should I try to get a job in ny?

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago
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    No, you're not wrong. This relationship has gone on for a very long time without ever getting to a point of permanence. So it's definitely time to change things up. Whether that means you negotiate a move to a bigger city or you take a break to figure out of this is really what you want... You're probably going to have to do something because this situation feels stuck in the mud.

    • Bill
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      What does "to the point of permanence" mean?

      Are you talking about marriage? If so, marriage isn't permanent nor does this woman sound like marriage material.

  • Bill
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    6 months ago

    So basically you love the guy, but want to live in the city because you're bored and can't think of anything to do. Because of this desire to live in the city you think that the best course of action might be to leave the guy you love and move to the city to find some other guy even if you're dating experience is likely near zero in the real world and you have really no idea if you will find another guy you will like as much as your current boyfriend.

    Honestly, you're naive, selfish and dumb.

    • michelle6 months agoReport

      What if i just want a change and it is not provided to me? What is so wrong with that? I need to look out for my happiness first. If I am not where I want to be in my life, why must I put it on hold?

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You are inviting a schit storm on yourself by posting something like that in Gender Studies section. So i moved it to Singles & Dating.

    Less biased people overhere.

    If you feel stuck you should definately move on. This aint the 50s anymore where you just have to stay with some dude you arent happy with.

    Ive jist got to ask though: Is tjere more to it that you arent saying? Have you grown bored with him too?

    I only ask because a woman will follow a man almost anywhere if she really likes him? Have you lost feelings?

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  • 6 months ago

    You love city life not him ...i am sorry but there it is !!!!

    You will realize as you grow up what you really want from life and a partner and be prepared to give as well ...all this takes time carry on ....)

    Source(s): MISOA...i am more of a rural type and she is the city slicker ....LOL!!!
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