Is school a bad learning environment?

I'm in one of the best (public) high schools in Canada and I can't focus in any class since my classmates are too loud and can't study quietly. Many are playing video games in class but even the ones who are quizzing each other are too loud so it ruins the focus for everyone else.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    School makes you dumber than real life experience would make you. School also forces the youth to become conformists socially, and to the system of government, which owns you since birth, and sends you to one of their training programs from age 5 through 18. When you get out of school, you have no idea where to go, since you have been told what to do for your entire life.

  • donnie
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    3 months ago

    Sometimes. If you can learn maybe talk with a guidance counselor or case manager if you have one.

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