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What am I doing right With my fish and shrimp?

I have a 20 gallon tank with 4 goldfish, 8 cory cats, 6 cherry shrimp, 4 ghost shrimp, 5 snails that I found in a lake, and 1 very small bristle nose pleco. The right side of the tank is all open with lots of swimming space that goes from the top of the tank, to the bottom of the tank (also, 1/5th of my tank is gravel, while the rest is very fine sand substrate with nutrients). I have 2 dwarf sagittaria, 1 micro sword (that I broke up and planted all over the tank), and 3 more plants that Idk the name of (with all 3 being different species of plants), and everything is thriving!

I put my cherry shrimp in just 2 weeks ago and my ghost shrimp in the tank 1 week ago, and all of my cherries have doubled in size, my ghost haven't doubled in size, but are much bigger now than they were when I added them.

And finally, my goldfish and Cory cars "Never" dig up my plants or even peck at them, and all fish are seem to be very active and very healthy

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    6 months ago

    Tell us all about it in three months.

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    Depending on the corydoras catfish, them and the shrimp are the best here. If the corydoras are of a larger variety they will need a larger tank.

    Goldfish should have a larger tank as adults, by about two years old fancy goldfish will need roughly a 20 gallon to itself and a common or comet a 50 gallon (preferably 75+).

    Bristlenose pleco would be fine too with fewer corydoras.

    Snails from the wild are rarely a good idea. They are an intermediate host for a wide range of fish parasites.

    If you want to be 100% right with your tank per my recommendation, is to keep the 20 gallon and assess the species of corydoras you have. If it grows over three inches they'll need more space. The goldfish and wild snails need to come out for sure, however.

    The overall setup of the tank is fine assuming you have a mature filter and proper heating.

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