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Who was in the wrong here?

I work maintenance in a port. There is a boat yard with a very dusty gravel driveway, where people pay for a place work on their boats. I drive a golf kart, and I have to drive by his boat multiple times a day. Well, I drove by his boat a little faster than I should have, and he was painting it. I heard him say something so I turned around and said "what's that?" He said "I said your kicking up dirt like a mother******! Slow down! The same thing happened yesterday, and he said who dude! Your making dust! In a jokingly way. If he was more serious than I probably would have remembered to go slow. I admit, I was being inconsiderate, and hes paying for that space, and kind of getting screwed if dust is getting on his fresh paint.

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  • kavana
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    6 months ago

    So u answered your own question?cool.

  • Z
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    6 months ago

    Now that you know he is serious about it, maybe you will stop.

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    Me personally? Id would not drive that route if i could id look for an alternative route. Or id drive slower if i noticed people there. If no one is there then id drive faster. Or complain to managment about the road.

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