What would happen in the event of an alien invasion or attack on enough, do we have the capable defenses?

Extraterrestrial life has never really been proven to exist but if they do exist and they find us would we be able to defend ourselves. What would stop an alien ship from blasting Earth into smithereens when they discover us.

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    Could monkeys defend earth against aliens? Why not? They are not intelligent enough. They are just animals.

    Well, humans are just a species of monkey compared to advanced aliens. And aliens must be much more advanced than us to make an interstellar trip. So we would have no chance against them. They could do whatever they want and our most powerful weapons would be like a monkey throwing a banana at them.

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    such aliens we might reasonably assume,possess thousands of years in science more advanced than our own,,with weapons commensurate with their level of tech know how

    in a word,,we are smoked,

  • Tom
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    1 year ago

    They might be more advanced, but it all depends on how MUCH MORE advanced and HOW MANY of them they are.-----After all, the Indians beat Custer.

  • 1 year ago

    We have the Men in Black

    Or you could be like me

    I have bought Alien Abduction Insurance off a nice guy that came to our door

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    Aliens who have held their own society together long enough to reach other star systems would have to be peaceful, even if they hadn't started that way, because otherwise they would've destroyed themselves long before having got here. But the question is imponderable because we don't know what kind of technology they'd have.

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    Assuming (a) that extraterrestrial life exists (probably, I think, given the vast expanse of the

    universe) and (b) they are technologically advanced enough to have some kind of interstellar

    travel and (c) that they have some reason to covet Earth (not likely, since with enough technical

    sophistication, anything one needs can be derived from materials in space), the easiest

    thing for the aliens to do would be to drop rocks on us. What I mean is that they could select

    a bunch of small (say, 100 meters in diameter) stoney asteriods and adjust their orbits so

    that they would collide with Earth. The explosive yield, size, and frequency of these "kinetic

    kill weapons" (reference Project Thor) would depend on how much damage that the aliens

    wanted to inflict upon the planet. Their goals could range from (a) elimination of humans'

    military and industrial capability to (b) radically altering the planet's ecology.

    For example, let's take one 100-meter-wide stoney (ordinary chondrite) rock entering Earth's

    atmosphere at

    v = 40,000 mph = 17,882 m/s

    Assume its density (ρ) to be

    ρ = 3.4 g/cm³ = 3,400 kg/m³

    For the sake of simplicity, assuming that the rock as approximately spherical, its volume,

    given its diameter is

    V = πD³/6

    D = diameter = 100 m

    V = 523,599 m³

    The formula relating mass, volume, and density is

    V = volume = 523,599 m³

    ρ = [rho] = density = 3,400 kg/m³

    m = mass = to be determined

    ρ = m/V

    ρV = m

    m = ρV

    m = 1,780,235,837 kg

    The rock's kinetic energy would be

    KE = 0.5mv²

    KE = 2.85E+17 J (joules)

    Energy Event Comparisons

    4.20E+12 J = Energy released by explosion of 1 kiloton of TNT

    1.10E+13 J = Energy of the maximum fuel an Airbus A380 can carry

    1.20E+13 J = Orbital kinetic energy of the International Space Station

    6.30E+13 J = Yield of the Little Boy atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II (15 kilotons)

    4.50E+15 J = Energy released by explosion of 1 megaton of TNT

    1.00E+16 J = Estimated impact energy released in forming Meteor Crater

    2.10E+17 J = Yield of the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever tested (50 megatons)

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    If they have the technology to make it all the way over here, we wouldn't stand a chance. Could a mosquito stop a sledgehammer?

  • 1 year ago

    Hey,,this is your fantasy,,you can make logic of it any way you choose.

  • 1 year ago

    If they make it all the way here, it means that they are way ahead of us. We would not even understand what "defense" really means in that context. Only in American movies can we defeat them.

  • If they made it to Earth, they are much more advanced than are we. Look at what happened to the Africans and Native Americans when superior Europeans made contact with them. We wouldn't have a chance if they had ill intentions. Let's just hope if the situation ever arises they aren't here to gather resources.

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