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My mother's brother ( metarnal uncle) did apply to us to live in USA permanantly as a family F4 visa on 30July2007.?

Now according to recent visa bulletin it's processing for 2006 cases and our process has to be done in next 15 months require to call us in USA embassy then get permanent citizenship in US country ! Is it right data ?

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    No, none of you get US citizenship. You might be approved for an immigration visa to enter the US, and after entering on the visa, settling in the US, the green card (proof of legal permanent residency status) will be mailed in care of sponsor in a few weeks to months after arrival.

    Once your mother's priority date becomes current, her brother must prove he meets earnings requirements for himself, all his dependents, plus his sister & any of her dependents included in the petition. Then interviews at the US consulate nearest your mother's home are scheduled, as are health exams, biometrics, etc. IF approved, an immigration visa is issued, and she has 6 months to enter US with her approved dependents listed on the petition (if any).

    After receipt of green card, immigrants must reside in US for a minimum of 5 years before they might become eligible to apply for naturalization. So no US citizenship or passport for many years to come, and a lot of regulations to meet to qualify to apply.

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    Once the priority date arrives your uncle starts the interview, etc. process to get the immigration visa. It is called Consular processing. Once he has the visa he travels to the USA. He can apply for US citizenship after five years as a US Permanent Resident.

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    To confirm the data, we need to know your COUNTRY of citizenship, but unless that's India, Mexico, or the Philippines, that is correct. If your priority date is 7-30-2007, then you are only about 14 months away from being processed.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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      No I'm citizen in other country not India,Mexico or Philippine...

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