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Abortion under 16 (UK)?

I am 15 years old and might be pregnant, as I’m having all the symptoms and my period is 11 days late. I’ve been having weird spotting but tests are negative, and because of all this I would like to visit the family planning clinic to see what is going on and even if I’m not pregnant, I’d like to know anyway and maybe ask to get on birth control so that I don’t have to worry like this.

My question is, would they have to keep this confidential if i say so? as I do not want my parents to know, for reasonable reasons and its out of my best intrest to not have them find out.

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    Yes they have to keep it confidential. They have to establish you're competent, the technical name is Gillick competent. If they do then you're essentially on charge of yourself, and so you decide who's told.

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    When your child may be around 10 months old when he/she starts to react to you and smile at you making you his/ her favourite person, you would realize how foolish the idea of abortion would have been

    Suppose you decided to have kids later on in your life and that child begins to behave as I mentioned above, you will regret your MISTAKE OF ABORTION which has happen earlier in your life and that regret won't go, believe me!

    Don't do a thing which you will have to regret at a later stage in your life, your hardships now will ultimately end with time

    I hope you would think twice!

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    You are lucky that at 15, in UK, if you should be pregnant, your parents probably won't have to be told. And you can get confidential help from the FPC, who will help you with the legalities if you want an abortion, as well as birth control going forward. Time's critical, so just go and get help ASAP.

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