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Where do I find a big enough box or get my ferrets to stop using the entire base platform of the cage as their litter box?

My ferrets are litter box train. I also clean out their litter box twice to three times a day. They seek out the litter box to go to the bathroom but there are times where their box gets full, despite me constantly cleaning it out, and there are other times one of the three chooses to poop somewhere else... they have decided that the entire bottom platform is now their litter box. Which would be fine if their poop wasn’t sleeping out of the bars of the cage and dripping to the floor! How do I get them to only go in their litter box or where do I find a box big enough to cover the entire platform and keep their excrement contained?

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  • 6 months ago

    You might be able to find a storage tub that will fit the cage. Or you can make a coroplast base (same way you would for a c&c cage).

    It might just help to get a bigger litter pan if they are filling it up quickly.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Why don’t you get some plexiglass and put a 6” pee and poop shield so the poop cannot slip our of the bars. That sounds like an awful lot of excrement for just 3 ferrets. Are you overfeeding by chance? Or if you are changing every day the box must be way too small for them. We had a 12 by 16 box for 4 guys and I scooped the litter once a day with no issues, my guys loved the clump litter, left no stinky left behind.

    You can either use a small cat litter box or check on the different sized craft or sewing or storage boxes, they are plastic and come in just about every size and every color. Instead of complaining you should be looking at places like Kmart, target, Walmart etc, you won’t know until you measure what you think you will need. You can find these on line too in case your not able to get around.

  • 6 months ago

    Well you don't have any idea of what the cage looks like and our family always love them but all I can say is search ferret cages and hit images and you get every one of the ideas you want and that is what I always did with things like this and their is many under google and yahoo.

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