How to fit Text to full screen, increasing font to its maximum capacity in a single page?

I would like to create a slideshow of Bible verses, in which each verse has its on page and the fonts are displayed at its maximum capacity. - I've been using MS Word and increasing the fonts manually one by one, and its taking lots of time... is there a way or software I could use to speed up the process? - Thank you in advance :)

1 Answer

  • 7 months ago

    Some verses are larger than others, and as a graphic designer, i can tel you that increasing the size of the font the way you describe may make it difficult to read. Take the longest verse and put it on the slide. Arrange the font size so that it is easy to read (get someone to take a look at it and ask them if it's easy to read. Sometimes we, as designers, can't see the effect ourselves.)

    Then use that same font on every slide. This wil make the slides more uniform and easy to read.

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